The Company today

Since Sabrina Zani has taken the direction of the company, her greatest desire has been to engage directly on the world of fashion. The boost comes from the strength of love and by a close cooperation with those who support her in the search of materials and in this whole new adventure.

Her taste for beautiful things, respect for nature, attachment to her roots, are her guidelines. Aware of the changes, attentive to the new fashion trends, but remaining true to tradition, she creates a new collection of shoes for man, women and one dedicated to young people.

sabrina zani classic line summer collection

The collections are inspired by italian elegance and are the result of an accurate selection of ecological materials, special leathers, chromatic shades combined with taste and imagination. The work is based’ on the “fatto a mano” as the old craftsmen did but with a touch of modernity that makes it special and unique. The young collection has a more sporty trend but still ver comfortable. Its style interprets the desire of young people who want to be free in showing their own personality, their own taste in dressing and their own style to others.
It’s with her smile, her kindness in the relationship with her clients, with the intention of a non-stop improvement that Sabrina Zani collections are born.

Sabrina Zani Classic Footwear

La moda a Firenze Tuscan quality and tradition
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