The Story

An interlacement of love, courage, willingness of affirmation in a wider reality. The young Marcello, a clean face, a persuasive smile, crosses the national borders and, armed with courage, with a briefcase full of dreams flies overseas to in all countries. With a complete sample of items, products and accessories concerning the footwear industry, comes in contact with many customers…. and the story begins…

It was the 1980’s

The company Zani Marcello srl opened new markets also in North and South America, Canada and India. He establishes a relationship not only commercial but also of friendship, collaboration and assistance with customers by making available to them his know-how in the production of heels and in the use of the material, result of his inventiveness and working knowledge, for which he holds worldwide exclusivity.

Mocassini Sabrina Zani

Original advertisement from the 80s

Sabrina Zani la tradizione delle calzature

With the arrival of the new millennium Sabrina Zani replaced her father in the management of the company, equipped by the same fighting spirit and experience in the footwear sector.

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